Thursday, August 18, 2016

Can Leisure bring huge difference in Productivity?

In my opinion, Leisure can bring huge differences to a worker in terms of productivity and work quality.This is because it enables workers to be flexible and punctual during their work.According to Tony Schwartz, he said that the greatest geniuses sometimes accomplish more when they work less.Less credit work hour can help the brain to  process any important information and to create better idea.However, we should not take advantage from it by doing unhealthy activities and crimes.leisure should be used for family gathering and outdoor activities with other people.This is based on my experience when my friend who is older than me and had a job as an accountant.He work so hard with less free time and more time on his paperwork,yet he never wanted to spend his time with his family.This is because he wanted to support his family financial and to save for his wedding.In the end,he has felt too much ston his body and he was diagnosed with stroke.The lesson that I learn is that we should use our leisure time with our family and less time of work.The productivity of the person is also increases when we work less,but it depends on whether you are healthy with full energy or sick.Take for an example of Henry Ford,the father of automobile.He took the wildly controversial step of shuttering his automobile manufacturing factories on Saturday and cutting daily work hours from the then-standard 12 to 8 that workers began not only enjoying leisure time at home, but became more efficient and productive at work.This proves that work less can bring more efficient in productivity, and we can have our family time together without any distractions in working place.